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ООО Хасконинг Консультанты, Архитекторы и Инженеры 

Royal Haskoning is an independent, world-wide operating consultancy firm.
The basis for the firm was founded in 1881 in the Netherlands. At present, the firm's 2700 staff together combines a wide range of knowledge and experience. Rooted in a technical background, our consulting services focus on the broad field of the interaction between people and their environment.
We are committed to working enthusiastically with our clients to achieve sustainable solutions in an increasingly complex society. The expertise and experience of our professionals in a variety of disciplines allows us to consider all technical, logistical, legal, organisational, social, environmental and economic aspects of your project, in order to subsequently develop sustainable and practical solutions.
Royal Haskoning has subsidiaries and partners throughout the world. Through our branch and project offices in Europe and overseas, we have access to all major international markets. This way, Royal Haskoning can offer multidisciplinary and integrated services locally, based on experience built globally. With our personal service in consultancy, we thus contribute effectively to a successful planning, design, implementation, commissioning and operation of your projects and programmes.