Business Brokers _ Ukraine 

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Business Brokers _ Ukraine 

“Business Brokers _ Ukraine” LTD is business buy/sell service intermediary for Small and Medium size Enterprise (SME) professional consulting and assistance.

The size of the companies “Business Brokers _ Ukraine” LTD will list for SALE/Buy as potential target will be privately owned companies with gross annual sales from $1,000,000 up to $100,000,000 but no limitations. In general we do rough valuation based on EBITDA or SDE or CAP Rate or Discounted Cash flow method or some other valuation methodology. Besides annual gross sales we could list private enterprises with sales fiar market value from $500,000 up to $50,000,000.

“Business Brokers _ Ukraine” LTD was founded in 2006 to fill the void for quality service that existed between the Real Estate Industry and Investment Banking Representation to buyers and sellers of main street, upper main street and middle market businesses that had remained under serviced. The company has very powerful partners like VR Business Brokers ( , which is worldwide leader since 1979 and has worldwide offices, including 130 in USA, offices in Spain and Portugal, offices in Canada and Central and South American countries.

“Business Brokers _ Ukraine” LTD follows the International Business Brokers Association (I.B.B.A/ establishes professional ethic standards.

“Business Brokers _ Ukraine” LTD has local, Ukraine level listing at and Global, International level listing at

Global listing will network with CIS (Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Georgia and other Post Soviet traditional markets), CEE (Central and Eastern European countries, like Czech Republic, Poland and so on), Western Europe (Spain, France, Germany, UK and so on), North America (USA and Canada), which increases chances to sell your company or find good target for acquisition.

We thought that, there is no business buy/sell or SME M&A service company in Post Soviet traditional markets where entrepreneurs from Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan or any other traditional, resource reach, commonwealth countries could be linked.

So if you, successful and wealthy businessmen, wont to diversify, expand, move, protect you assets or just buy/sell business/real estate from Baku to Moscow, or from Moscow to Kiev, or from Almaty to Tbilisi, we could be your one stop shop for your business buy/sell boutique business brokerage, SME M&A intermediary.

Beside that service we could help you to buy business, hotel, real estate in Europe, USA or/and Canada. You could get Green Card, Permanent residency or even Citizenship (if your fist citizenship country has double citizenship treaty with above mentioned countries).

In Post Soviet countries, we used to have same values. What are those core values? Family value, Good Man value, Freedom, guarantee great education access for our children and happy retirement plan with private house in Green advanced lifestyle location, great pension, healthcare, insurance and traveling.

“Business Brokers _ Ukraine” LTD could make your dream come true via buying business any great country (by safety, by nature, by …according UN and WB searches and studies).

Thats few words about US!  

Thats all what makes us unique!

Please, read our web site other sections carefully, which is very educational and was created for you! But if you still have questions, Please dont hesitate to contact our office.

Thank you for your time and interest in “Business Brokers _ Ukraine” LTD.