Caspian Marine Services LTD 

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Caspian Marine Services LTD 

—The Baku Branch of the “Caspian Marine Services Limited started its operations in Azerbaijan in the early 2006. The main objective of settling its base in Azerbaijan was to become one of the leading marine operators and managers in the Caspian Region. The same year the Company  formed a strategic alliance with the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), which was a very important step on the way to achieving the ambitious goals set by the Company. As a member of  the Alliance CMS were granted access to all maritime facilities and fleet of vessels controlled by SOCAR.  This, in turn, created a unique and truly winning combination made up of the western marine management practice and expertise brought in by CMS. well-developed technical base and infrastructure owned and operated by SOCAR.  By utilizing this technical base CSM has achieved prominent results , steady increasing SOCAR's vessels and shipyard capacity  with the involvement of important offshore oil and gas projects and operations across all sectors of the Caspian Sea, This being the prime objective of SOCAR/CMS Alliance formation. Another important objective of the Alliance was the gradual improvement of SOCAR's existing fleet of vessels operated by the Caspian Sea Oil Fleet (CSOF), a marine branch of SOCAR.  Importantly was the CMS involvement in the refurbishment and upgrade of “Qurban Abasov”, the crane vessel of 600 tons lifting capacity. 

—In addition CMS has successfully continued to build up its own fleet of vessels to meet the demand of local and international customers for modern vessels utilized in the offshore oil industry.  At the moment CMS owns and operate 5 light crew-cargo boats built to the latest  engineering standards at the Topaz Engineering shipyard in the United Arab Emirates.

—Apart from that CMS owns and operates two modern dredging vessels built by the Damen Shipyards in Holland.  Both of these vessels have been successfully utilized for dredging various port facilities owned and operated by SOCAR.

—Two more modern light work boats were also been introduced to the CMS Fleet in 2010 built by “Beshiktash” shipyard in Turkey to support its dredging operations with more efficiency. 

—All this proves that CMS is on the right track in achieving its goals as the being the major offshore marine company in the Caspian Sea