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Кадровое агентство

Telkes Consultancy 

Local knowledge in a global world

Our company is a hundred percent Hungarian-owned, and has been at the forefront of Hungarian executive selection since its establishment in 1991. In the early 90's Dr. Telkes Ltd. was one of the first companies to offer this service, recruiting mainly for new domestic offices of international corporations. International know-how and a deep understanding of the Hungarian labour market, combined with our consultants' international approach and excellent language skills proved to be a competitive advantage during this era.


Recognizing the need for international partners to extend our knowledge base, to share client and candidate pools and to further develop in a rapidly globalizing world, our company joined the IMD International Search Group in 1997. Founded in 1972, the IMD global network comprises local, independently owned premier executive search offices across 25 countries. The membership enables our clients and candidates to directly benefit from our global presence.

In recent years we have accomplished a number of successful training and HR projects, but professional search and selection remains at the core of our services.

In a turbulent economic environment our present ambitions include maintaining our high quality of service, preserving our elaborated search and selection methodology, utilizing all (human and technical) resources in our services, and the constant quest for innovative solutions that function as proved best practice internationally.

Connections, network and systematic search

Since our firm is one of the oldest headhunting companies, we have an extensive network of connections among top business executives, who often contribute to our work through their industry-specific recommendations, references and data.

From the beginning we have always paid special attention on our accurate and up-to-date candidate database, which is updated using our accustomed software development e-Hunter. Our daily work involves frequent meetings with HR professionals representing the client. In an effort to facilitate their work, we follow quantitative and qualitative changes in the labour market, as well as consolidate relevant market data in our work.

The experienced researchers at Dr. Telkes Consulting have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their respective industries; they continually follow the particulars, trends and major actors of their sectors, thereby providing a secure background to deliver an assuring and representative search solution.

Our aim is mutual satisfaction

In our experience, long-term search and selection success can only be achieved if both the client's and the candidate's expectations are most accurately met in their choice. We guarantee our clients a stable and devoted workforce within a harmoniously developing organization. For our candidates we provide a motivating, professional and challenging set of tasks, team and workplace. As it is cardinal to the selection process we execute structured interviews, motivation and competence assessment. We provide active participation and moderation in the communication and contracting between our clients and candidates. We believe that both partners can benefit from it and obtain sufficient information for making their decisions.

Since our foundation 20 years ago, we have conducted over 2,500 searches with a success rate of over 90%, and are proud of our achievements.