Гос. корп. Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System, Частное учреждение

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Образовательные учреждения

Гос. корп. Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System, Частное учреждение

The primary purposes of NURIS shall be carrying out activities in the field of science and education, including research (fundamental and applied research), scientific and technological, educational, scientific and service activities, as well as provision with teaching and research laboratory experimental facilities of Nazarbayev University.

NURIS performs the following tasks:

    • Conducting research, development works in the field of fundamental and applied sciences, inter alia alternative energy forms, physics, chemistry, biology, advanced processing of raw and other materials, new energy forms, extraterrestrial and information technologies, interdisciplinary area;

    • Taking measures, directed at academic, research and innovation infrastructure development, innovative products delivery;

    • Outfit and provision of Nazarbayev University and NURIS with technical academic and research laboratory experimental facilities;

    • Cooperation with leading international and national research-and-development centers, higher education establishments and other organizations;

    • Development of academic programs and education courses in different fields of science and biomedicine, including experimental scientific and educational programs;

    • Arranging activities directed at commercialization of developed scientific technologies and products of creative and intellectual work;

    • Arranging activities directed at examination of research grant applications for research and innovation projects;

    • Functioning as an operator in grant administration;

    • Administrative support for management and monitoring of research grants and projects;

    • Carrying out other activities in accordance with the purposes of NURIS.

Main fields of NURIS activity are:

    • Research (Center for Energy Research, Interdisciplinary Instrumental Center);

    • Support for advance in research and promotion of research results (Central Research Office, Commercialization Office);

    • Provision with research equipment and consumables, technical support of research labs.

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